Take your leadership to the next level.


Automatically gain insights from real-time data, so you can empower your team and elevate your leadership abilities.

Next-level leadership

Track team happiness


Sentiment analysis is run on every status report, and we'll provide visualizations to monitor your team’s overall, and personal, satisfaction.


Discover more opportunities


Each status report is analyzed to uncover trends within your team. It'll be easy to find growth opportunities for your team.


Stop sending reminders


Set a due date for status reports, and we’ll send reminders to every member of your team the morning reports are due.


The next generation of status reports.


While status reports are easy to create, they’re a pain to collect, read, and use to make valuable decisions to drive results. With AskFriday, you’ll be able to quickly visualize powerful trends, so that you can get back to leading your team.

Team Notes

Start having one on ones that deliver results.


Keep notes for team members every time you meet. Using these historical notes, you'll be able to better remember decisions and how you got there.

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